Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ultra Running

First 50K Training Plan
downloaded via the internet
Going Longer: How To Train For Your First 50K

Introducing an "Ultra-Dream"

Here we go…the first step, the first web blog* of a new adventure...

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.” 

Today, I do not have the courage to share this dream to everyone.  I only have enough courage to express to myself that I believe in this dream.

Why ultra-marathon, when I can barely bring myself to go out and start my next marathon training?

EDITED: 24.07.2014
Once again, I deleted my marathon training scheme, and have replaced it with this new one.
I still am struggling to resume running, two days after I wrote this blog and might have to reconsider 
the ultra in Luxembourg. 
If I do not run this week, and continue to struggle, I have to find another 50K, that has a later date.
Next week will be my "last week" to start training for AMS marathon; if my spirit continues to resist, 
I might have to also replace that marathon goal for a later one.
POSITIVE Affirmation: this is all part of the process...

My current marathon training plan via MY ASICS
The current stats (My Best) is not updated.
My Nike+ App currently document more accurately my running statistics.
I did began recording my stats when in 2011 via Active.com but have lost the link to the account I created.

"Simplifying" A Bipolar Mind

"Simple answer":  the thought of working on an ultra-marathon goal "excites" me more than the thought of a "marathon" training. It makes me come alive thinking about the path, and the adventures towards the goal.

I am not a great, nor even a good marathon runner; I consider myself a romantic marathon runner. I run with the goal of reaching the finish line within the time limit. I am a proud member of the "back of the pack".

Do I wish to improve my marathon running? Yes. Do I wish to be better with each marathon I run? Yes. Do I aspire "fast times" on marathon training? Yes.

But speed is relative; what is fast for me, may not be fast for those, whose goal is to run a marathon under 4 hours or even those with the goals of running it within 3 hours.

I love the idea of achieving a simple goal; I am a simple runner.  When I ran the marathons in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, my goal for each was to finish.

The Ultra-Plan

My personal goals for my first ultra: ING TRAIL UEWERSAUER

  • Take the first step (writing this blog)
  • Document every step towards the goal
  • Finish with a smile on my face 


Web blog*
Blogger's Note:

Dear Accidental Reader :)

Although Happy Feet'S Miles is a published public blog, my experience have shown me that unless I share links to post on different social media, and tell my friends directly about the existence of the blogpost, it will go "unnoticed" & "unread".

I am hoping in this way, I can document my first steps without "social pressure".  Inspiring others to work on their goals and dreams fuels me to go after my own goals and dreams. But currently, I am not yet completely ready to share my blogs about this new goal.

The struggle with my bipolar disorder is getting in my way of being consistent with my plans. So until I finished my first marathon, I will not share this ultra-marathon training.

So, if you happen to come upon this blog for one reason or another, or you are a friend who stumbled upon this blog through my various social media links, please do respect this choice; you are welcome to leave comments (of support, suggestions and cheers etc...!).